Auditions & Interviews – 16+ entry only!

This page is only for those students wishing to join The Jam Academy after their GCSEs and enter our specialist sixth form for performance and production arts.  All students need to meet the entrance requirements and attend an audition/interview.


Entry requirements

Pearson’s policy regarding access to its qualifications is that they should be available to everyone who is capable of reaching the required standards.


We accept school leavers who have completed their GCSE exams and mature students who have completed A Levels or decided on a change of career.  All applicants should be individuals who need the skills and underpinning knowledge to successfully audition or interview for dance, drama or music colleges/ schools.


The following guidelines are the minimum requirements to starting a Level 3 BTEC with The Jam Academy.


Students should have:

  • a grade C in English Language and Maths.
  • at least five GCSEs at grades A* – C, or the vocational equivalent. This can include English and Maths.
  • other related level 2 qualifications, equivalent to 5 GCSEs
  • auditioned/interviewed successfully, demonstrating vocational aptitude for the chosen qualifications.


Options are available for students who do not achieve the minimum requirements, which can be discussed during auditions/interviews.




You may find that our approach to auditions/interviews is very different to other schools/colleges.  All our auditions and/or interviews are FREE and with Jam’s Artistic Director and Curriculum Director.  They are an opportunity for us to consider whether we can help you to achieve your career aspirations.  However they are also for you to see whether we are right for you!


The most important thing is for you to relax and allow us to see the real you!  We hope that we will put you at ease straight away to allow us to see your true potential.  We do expect you to prepare properly for your audition so that you represent yourself in the right way.


Auditions for Performance qualifications include:

  • Perform a monologue from a dramatic work (2 - 4 minutes), not from TV or Film
  • Perform a solo song (2 - 4 minutes), you can sing with CD, piano accompaniment or a cappella. You may be asked to sing some basic vocal exercises also.
  • You will join a dance class with current academy students
  • Responding, in written form, to a contextual question. (The question will be sent to you when we tell you your audition date and time)


Interviews for Production & Music qualifications include:

  • Being asked to present production work (photos, videos, recordings) to the audition panel.  Further guidance is given on application.
  • Responding, in written form, to a contextual question.  (The question will be sent to you when we tell you your audition date and time)


All students will have an opportunity to talk to staff and students, to ensure their questions are answered.

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