The Jam Academy – 6th Form (16+)

Fees for The Jam Academy are fixed for September 2020 enrolments at £2,900 per term for our 1, 2 or 3 year courses.  There are three terms a year, 36 teaching weeks.

All parents/guardians/sponsors are asked to pay fees by monthly standing order.  Fees are therefore spread across 12 monthly instalments of £725.

The fees for The Jam Academy include all training advised and organised by the Artistic Director and Curriculum Director, and now include weekly guitar lessons.  However, there are some additional costs that are not included within this fee, please see below.

Additional Costs NOT included within the academy fee:

  • Students will receive weekly singing classes and some individual singing lessons as part of their training.  Weekly individual singing lessons are not included within the Standard Academy Fees.  If you wish to organise these with singing staff, then please contact the Jam office for further information.  However, no academy students to date have felt this was needed over the last five years.
  • Registration fees with the exam boards are not included.  The Jam Academy take no additional costs for administrating this, therefore the payment required will be exactly what has been charged by the exams board (est. between £90 – £250, depending on the qualification/s the student is enrolled on)
  • School trips – We plan to do two trips per term. Travel, food and ticket costs where applicable.
  • School clothing – A full clothing list is included within the Information for New Students.
  • SEN assessments – As part of your induction we will screen all students for their individual learning needs.  Any external assessments and support will need to be paid for.
  • All Jam Academy students will be invited to join our agency (Marmalade Management).  Students are not required to attend professional auditions, although we see it as excellent experience to do this.  Jam does not charge for you to join the agency but clients are expected to pay for the subscription to Spotlight (the industry’s casting directory) and for head shots.  Costs will be available from 1st September from Marmalade Management.

As parents themselves, Jo & Mark (The Jam Academy Directors) fully appreciate how difficult it can be to juggle finances for the young people that parents have to support through their education.  This page aims to make all costs very clear to new students joining the Jam Creative School and The Jam Academy from September 2020.


We are proud to be an independent school which offers the very best training while offering significantly lower fees than our competitors for all students, not just those with scholarships.  Everyone who successfully auditions to join our academy is treated equally both in the time and support we give them and the fees they have to pay.


The term ‘Sponsor’ is used for anyone who is financially supporting a student to attend The Jam Academy, whether this is paying for part or all the fees, or simply providing a roof over their head during their studies.  This would typically be a parent or guardian, but in some cases it could be a non-family member or even an organisation.



A deposit of £500 is required to secure a student’s place, once an offer has been made.  This deposit for Sixth Form Students is refundable up until GCSE results day in August, when students are required to officially enrol.


This deposit will be held until all fees and any additional costs are paid in full by the end of the student’s course.  It is usually returned with 14 days after receiving final payments, however it can also be taken off the Sponsor’s last payment if all fees and additional costs are paid up-to-date.  A statement of account is produced in July for Sponsors and advice on the final payment will be provided at the time.

Jam Theatre Studios

Accommodation with host families

Some students require accommodation away from home while studying at The Jam Academy.  Living with a host family is the perfect way for a young adult to gain the confidence and independence to be away from home, often for the first time, before the leap into going to higher education at university level.

We have many local families who have provided students from across the UK and abroad accommodation while they study with us.  On average the costs are between £110 – £130 per 7 day week.  This is for a private room, with breakfast and evening meals included.  All offer washing/drying facilities for clothing and many are happy to only charge during term time.  All of our host families come recommended by us and are usually within walking distance to the Jam Theatre Studios.


The Jam Academy

The Jam Academy

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