We are constantly inspired to improve the learning environments for our students to ensure young people are free to think for themselves, be confident and creative – never failing to surprise us.


However, there are also some pretty amazing people out there who have worked tirelessly to change education in the world.  Although the impact on mainstream policy making may have been limited, this work has inspired many teachers and parents to see that there is a different way to support young people's learning and prepare them for the rapidly-changing world.


This page of our website we aim to introduce some amazing heroes of education who have inspired us.  They speak the same language as us with regard of how we should make changes in training and they continue to have a major impact on The Jam Academy.


Please watch the video below which is narrated by Mark Hartley (Curriculum Director) about key educationalists which have influenced The Jam Academy's approach to learning.

Video extract from Open Day presentation

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