Jam Creative School (10 – 15) – Introduction

The Jam Creative School started with 3 students in September 2015 and rapidly grew with no marketing, purely word-of-mouth.


The following pages will give you an idea on how our school works to meet the needs of students who want to look at the world differently, at a school who wants to challenge how a school in the 21st century should look a educating young people.


One thing is very clear – The Jam Creative School is NOT a 'performing arts school'!  Yes some students tap into the professional training in the performance and production arts that our specialist sixth form students benefit from.  But during the normal school day, The Jam Creative School provides an alternative delivery model to large schools for the National Curriculum subjects.  Providing normal school subjects delivered in a creative way fro creative students.


The young people who come to our school are not children and they are not pupils.  Our environment wants to encourage the pre-teens and teenagers to be grown-up and active learners, who want to be at school and discover the world around them and make a significant in pack within their community.  Our parents send their sons and daughters to a school where we think of them as students, who are young people needing the skills to learn throughout their lives in the ever-changing world.


Although this website has been written to try and give prospective students and parents an idea of how our school is different and another option to secondary school education for the Marlow area.  There is nothing better than meeting staff, students and experiencing it for yourself.  Therefore please do not hesitate to contact us to organise visiting our school.

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