Teaching & Learning

Jam has high expectations of our teachers and students, and wants to nurture positive relationships, which show mutual respect, trust and a desire for everyone to achieve their very best.  We want Jam to be a professional and happy place where everyone is actively engaged in, and stimulated by, the process of learning and growing as individuals.  For this to be the case, we need to create a caring & supportive environment, which will:

  • nurture the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, creative and physical well-being of our students and staff/associates
  • meet the individual needs of each student
  • stimulate students’ curiosity as well as a desire and love of learning
  • give students and those teaching our students the confidence to take risks and learn from mistakes
  • encourage independent learning
  • encourage students to listen to, and value, the opinions of others
  • motivate students to be resilient and persevere
  • encourage teachers to collaborate and support each other

Alex Boorman in the 2015 grad show 'Into The Woods'

Our teaching staff should:

  • provide carefully structured activities, matched to students’ needs
  • give students responsibility for their own work, development and independence
  • develop well planned, prepared and paced classes that maintain high levels of interaction
  • provide ample, challenging work stemming from expert knowledge of curriculum and the
  • maintain high levels of student involvement in tasks
  • create a positive atmosphere during classes through a professional relationship with students
  • incorporate high levels of praise and encouragement where appropriate – but not patronising
  • use a variety of approaches, strategies and techniques, so time is used productively
  • use extension work effectively, particularly to reinforce and extend what has been learnt, or prepare
    for a new theme to future lessons


We want our Jam students to be:

  • captivated and enthused by what they are learning
  • able to understand links with prior knowledge or work with other teachers/associates
  • supported by both the associates and other students, taking the form of interaction,
    collaboration and teacher intervention
  • centred on the learners’ responsibility for their own learning. They are able to exercise choice,
    develop goals, plan their approach and work independently
  • reflective and able to monitor and review their own learning
  • learners who make progress that exceeds what is expected by others



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